You can SUP any distance you want and submit any results recorded without any restrictions.
Only the best of your results will be included in the ranking in each of the distances you submitted.


  • Start from a standstill on the water.
  • Paddle half of the distance in one direction and the other half back to the starting point.
  • Record the distance and the result using a personal GPS tracking device and mobile app.
  • Submit the result to the exact mileage by fulfilling the survey.

* for example, if you have paddled 10.47 kilometers, find your time elapsed for 10.00 kilometers in your application and submit this.

** There are no restrictions on submitting results in any single distance – only the best will be included in the ranking.

  • In order for a recorded distance to be included in the ranking of the current stage it must have been completed during that stage. You may record your regular workout or submit any race you participate.
  • To validate the winners we will require that the competitors of three best results in any nominated distance (a minimum of 5 competitors) submit their recorded data from their mobile app.
  • The competition is continuous over the course of one year and is divided in monthly stages within each three month season: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.
  • Winners will be determined by the results of the Stages, Seasons and Year.


Paddle a minimum of 1 kilometer to be eligible to nominate a race distance. Race distances will be considered for categories to the nearest whole number (1km, 2km, 3km…).

*To be sure your chosen distance will be nominated for the award at the current stage challenge other participants to a race just in that distance. The best way to do it is personally in the group for participants:

!! Once in a week the race organizer will publish the group distances entered by the participants and the total number of the competitors in each distance

Race categories:

  • Flat (rivers, lakes, canals)
  • Ocean (oceans, seas)

Board classes:

Hardboard 14’ / Hardboard 12’6” / Inflatables 14’ / Inflatables 12’6” /

Any board under 12’6” / Dragons 22’ (the result is submitted by one person – team leader)

Age groups:

  • Open
  • U18 / 30+ / 40+ / 50+

*each age group shall have a minimum of five competitors to be eligible for awards.

Awards and Prizes:

The results of each Stage will be announced and the winners will be determined on the 5th of the following month. The results of each Season will be announced and the winners will be determined on the 10th of the following month. The results of the Year will be announced on the 15th of the following month.

  • An awards ceremony will take place every month after the announcement of the results. The winners of the first 3 places of the Stage and Season receive diplomas by e-mail. The top three finishers will receive medals and diplomas to their postal address.
  • Each submitted result also participates in a lottery of valuable prizes from the supporters of the SUP Nation Challenge. Regular prize draw will take place every three months – April 5, July 5, October 5, and January 5. The Grand Prix prize draw will take place on January 15.
  • The main prize of the regular prize draw in 2020 is a handcrafted SUP paddle by EO SUP.
  • The main prize of the 2020 Grand Prix draw is a custom board by ED SUP Boards.

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